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Intentional Professionalism for Law Enforcement

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Intentional Professionalism for Law Enforcement


This four-hour seminar provides enlightening human behavior insights into law enforcement professionalism. Taking attendee's through the evolutionary basis for many human behaviors, it transforms attendee's perspectives on how they act, the greater purpose behind all of their actions, and how human behavior and consciousness affect the choices they make. This seminar instills a lasting effect to globally improve officer safety, officer wellness, and department culture.

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Develop a global philosophical  framework of professionalism for improved:

  1. Officer safetytools for officers and dispatchers to immediately apply in both in casual and contentious interpersonal encounters. 
  2. Officer well-being: long-term emotional health perspectives for officers and dispatchers to better understand and cope with their own experiences, and to be more capable of defining and living by their ethical standards.
  3. Department culture: by identifying many of the natural human traits which can give way to negative culture, attendees are given a framework to avoid subconscious negative behaviors and communicate their positive ones within their sphere of influence.


Human Behavior Basis: This seminar presents a global framework which shows how the evolution of the human species has impacted how we act today, and how the concurrent evolution of our consciousness allows us to utilize the best parts of that behavior. This seminar teaches how self-awareness can erect a framework for individuals to act according to their highest values and identify and discard negative behaviors that often arise. This method seeks a balance in home life and professional life, enhancing performance and fulfillment in both.

Salient Law Enforcement Topics: this seminar is tailored to address salient training needs of officers in the 21st century, including:

  • interpersonal communication
  • de-escalation
  • use of force
  • implicit bias
  • current social issues related to law enforcement in the 21st century.

Some student take-aways:

  • a human behavior-based philosophical framework which applies directly to their experiences
  • an understanding of where many natural human behaviors are derived, and how to regulate them effectively even in the most stressful of situations
  • a framework to enhance every hour of training and experience that they have
  • how to become confident with their own sense of values and trust in acting according to those values no matter how stressful the circumstance.
  • an emotional self-awareness that integrates their purpose, their identity, their ethics, and their actions. 


This four-hour class is intended for law enforcement officers, dispatchers, and all other department personnel. This class includes an engaging back-and-forth lecture where students are included in the progress of the lecture so that they are able to apply the information provided directly to their lives. The class ends with a group discussion where students are able to relate what they've learned with one another, as well as work together to apply concepts from the class to other parts of their profession.


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